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Mourn Day for North Korea

Rest In Piece Kim Jong Il

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il has died, North Korean state television reported Monday. He was 69. Kim died of heart failure while travelling by train on Saturday at 8:30 a.m. local time, the country’s state run news agency reported. NKTV announced his death and endorsed his son and heir apparent Kim Jong Un in a statement released Dec. 19.

Base dun sa mga napanood kong videos, Sobrang affected yung mga North Koreans as in humahagulgol silang lahat sa mga statues ni Kim Jong-il. Eto yata yung nagtaguyod ng dictatorship sa North Korea, na para sa mga tao doon eh nagpaginhawa ng buhay nila. Sa reaksyon ng mga tao doon, parang Diyos na yung turing nila which is hindi naman dapat. (malay mo, eh hindi naman sila Christians)

Sa report pa, sobrang hindi mo maintindihan yung sinasabi ng reporter kasi sobrang hagulgol lang. Di ko na nga maintindihan yung Language eh.

Pero sa panonood ko ng mga Videos, nakikita ko yung mga comments, na kaya daw ganun yung reaksyon ng mga tao eh, na BRAINWASH sila ni Kim Jong-il. eto yung ibang mga statements:

ANONYMOUS#1: “Kim Jong Il told his people he was the shuttle commander on the first rocket to the Moon. The sad part is the people are so horribly brainwashed that they believed him”

ANONYMOUS#2: “Feel sorry for these people they’ve been so badly brainwashed into thinking this guy is God. In North Korea every household has speakers which announce everyday how the “great leader has provided for his country and how he is God and you shall obey him” the fact is if they revolt or rebel they’re put away for life or even killed for going up against their inhumane laws it’s fucked up no one should have their freedom taken away like this.”

Pero para sakin, dapat pabayaan nalang. RESPECT ika nga. Di naman natin alam nangyayari sa bansa nila kasi nga No Cameras Allowed kapag nandoon :)

Eto pa ang Comment ko, namatay siya dahil sa HEART ATTACK. At siya ay isang DIKTADOR. ahhmmm remember FERDINAND MARCOS? eh diba HEART ATTACK din yung kinamatay nun? at DICTATOR din?


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